Treyasaurus Rex

[trey -uh -sawr- uhs reks]


An average-sized, carnivorous artasaur that walks on two legs. It’s name is the Latin words “Trey” and “king” and the Greek work for “lizard”. Not necessarily in that order. 

 Little is known about this rare species, but from fossil records paleontologists have determined it to be an anomaly of nature with an extensive background in traditional/digital art, graphic design, and print. Additional fossil artifacts and remains can be found on the portfolio page indicating a heavy emphasis on logo, conceptual art, creature design, illustration, and comic art. It is possible that this species may have expanded further in skill sets and sported feathers, however this is only speculation.

The Trey-Rex is believed to have roamed the Earth during the Millennial era where it’s natural habitat was the Mid-Western regions of North America in what is now commonly referred to as Oklahoma.