About Me

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I probably learned to shade before learning to read. Needless to say, I’ve been drawing my whole life! I couldn’t afford pursuing a degree in art after I graduated high school. So, I sponged up any knowledge or advice I could get elsewhere over the years from peers, the internet, and (more recently) some classes by Chris Oatley and Ahmed Aldoori. My first written and illustrated work was published in 2010 with Equinox Comics of Tulsa, OK in the form of a short children’s comic with dinosaurs.

In High School I started working as a self taught freelance web designer until 2012. By then freelance web design had become monotonous, less in demand with the emergence of WIZYWIG editors like WordPress or Wix, and other ventures tempted my spontaneous nature. So I switched primarily to graphic design. My design experience ranges from small and large print shops to non-profit organizations, production companies, law firms, and even research and development companies. My participation in the art world was dwindling until 2016; I dusted off the pencil cases and got back to my roots! Since then I’ve created artwork for video games, comic books, commercial storyboards, and conventions. Recently working on a graphic novel, running my own web comic, creating concept art, and taking on illustration jobs with various publishing companies.

Outside of that I make monsters and produce live shows, work as a full time graphic designer for a school, and play video games or draw at home in the company of Luka the dog and Momo the cat.